Monday, August 25, 2008

Luka Magnotta : Incest With his Sister.

Toronto, Ontario- Toronto News Wire

The man's name is Luka Magnotta, he is in his early twentys and he is a former stripper, turned porn actor, turned adult model.

He is described by friends as "A bisexual nympho who will sleep with anyone, it doesnt matter their age, race, gender...he will sellp with them all."

Magnotta has been in numerous high profile relationships over the years, but noone seems to know where his two year old child came from? His family members are baffled and they all believe his sister is the true mother of Magnotta's only child.

They apparantly unfolded their relationship in the Toronto suburbs, they had wonderful picnicked sunday brunch's together, drank German wine and ate fresh fruit while courting one another in a strange relationship.

When Luka is around you, says a friend..."Its as if he has a face of a doll, as if everything that makes him human has been airbrushed away" He goes on to say, "Luka is emotionless and he is unable to feel guilt,fear,shame or any other human emotion". Well that explains why he has appeared all over the place nude and has no quams about engaging in intercourse with his sister.

We have ALL already herd of his affair with his father's new wife. Luka said on his Myspace "It was just a one time thing, no big deal"...RIIIIGGHT, wink wink, Luka thinks thats normal.

Luka's letters and emails to his sister were exuberant,lustful,sarcastic. He can put on a good show, Its asthough he mimics other peoples emotions because he has none of his own. He is a psychopath.

It is reported that after his siter gave birth, Luka and her decided to keep the baby and raise him together. They made up a story that the father had left and didnt want the Luka steps in and offers to raise HIS OWN CHILD. How thoughtful and nice. awwwww

There are pics swirlling all around of Luka and his son at Niagara Falls, the CN tower and other outings around southern Ontario. But is someone with as much psychological problems as him even fit to raise a baby?

He is in fact now living in the Caribean with his NEW wife Karla Homolka who was convicted of murdering three people in 1993. Both Homolka and Magnotta split their time between Montreal and the Caribean now. Trying desperately to escape the media.

Luka is fiercely intelligent and it shows in his face, however he enjoys playing the victim to escape troubles, and he is very, very good at it. One might call him a master manipulator.

Luka claims he is now "The prince of Canada and he is truely in love with his new Princess, his siter!" How delusional and sick can one man be? That was a copy of the email his friend from work gave me. I varified it and the email address is indeed Luka's. I will not disclose his email since I dont want to be sued.

By 2007 though Luka's relationship with his sister was imploding due to its own moral chaos. Luka is unable to live unless there is chaos in his life, it makes him feel asthough he matters. That is the explanation a psychiatrist has told me when I described this situation.